"Séamus Mac Murchaidh" (Recording)

This is a recording of the famous South Armagh poem / song, "Séamus Mac Murchaidh", at least partially written by Peadar Ó Doirnín , recited by Carrive native, Tommy Hollywood (Tomás Mac Cuilleanáin) (1882-1963).

Séamus Mac Murchaidh (Séamus A' Mhurfaí) was an 'outlaw', raparee, hero and poet, hung in Armagh in 1750, having been born in Creggan Parish around 1720.

You can read about him on Wikipedia HERE!.

There are many version of the poem / song in existence and it is intended to transcribe this one in full*.

You can read more about Tommy Hollywood (Tomás Mac Cuilleanáin) HERE.

The speaker could not be described as a native speaker, but he did learn from native speakers from his own area and it is understood that he was brought up by his grandfather who was a native speaker. 

So this Irish could be taken as 'native' and very representative of South Armagh Irish, it is certainly very authentic in every way and it is an important recording.

Listen to the recording HERE!.

[*Má tá eolas ag duine ar bith maidir le trascríobh déanta ar an leagan áirithe seo bheinn buíoch dá dtiocfadh libh mé a chur ar an eolas faoi.]

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